The Regulation of Telephone Numbers —A Legal and Policy Analysis


The Regulation of Telephone Numbers —A Legal and Policy Analysis
Yu Chi Wang
telephone numbering plan, allocation of telephone numbers, numbering charges, withdraw of telephone numbers, transfer of telephone numbers
Telephone numbers play an important role when a new telecom entrant
would like to offer voice services to its users. Moreover, the nature of telephone
number is similar to that of spectrum, and therefore, is generally considered as
scarce resources. In recent decades, the structure of the telecom market and the
need of telephone numbers have changed a lot due to deregulation of the
telecommunication market. As a result, a well developed telephone numbering
plan is of significant importance. This article uses a comparative approach to
analyze the telephone numbering plans of United Kingdom and Australia, and
then compares them with the Taiwanese telephone numbering plan. In addition,
this article suggests that the Taiwanese regulator of the telecom industry shall
make some improvements on the telephone numbering plan so that the goals of
maintaining fair competition and developing new telecom services can be
achieved accordingly.
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