The Impact of RFID Applications on Privacy Laws


The Impact of RFID Applications on Privacy Laws
Yu-Chi Wang
radio frequency identification system, RFID, information privacy, fair information practice
Radio frequency identification system (RFID) seems to be the radio device
with most potential in contemporary society. Factors like advanced features and
mass production result in the continuing reduction of its cost. Both the public and
private sectors plan to employ this technology on individual identification and
product logistics. As much as the use of many other technologies, RFID not only
makes our lives more convenient, but also raises many privacy concerns. This essay
analyzes the privacy issues raised by RFID technology after a brief introduction
of its various applications. Different models of privacy regulation will be discussed
and an adequate one will be subsequently proposed to strike a better balance
between efficiency and convenience of the use of this technology and a need to
provide acceptable privacy protection.
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