Open Source Movement and Software Patent Reform

Open Source Movement and Software Patent Reform


Open Source Movement and Software Patent Reform
Jieh-Sheng Lee
open source, software patent
The open source movement presents the world a new software development
model. Its continuing success can be attested by the exponential growth of
software projects under its wings. Pitfalls and challenges loom ahead, however.
Intellectual property-related legal issues, in particular, deserve our special
attention for their disrupting potential. Among various risks associated with
opensource movement, the threat posed by software patents stands out and echoes
the concerns by many open source pundits. After reviewing other proposed
solutions so far, the author would like advance a new one—the “public patent”
mechanism inspired by the movement itself, in the hope to strengthen the longterm
viability of the open source movement, and add more fuel to the big debate
of patent system reform.
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