The Aspect of Legislation of Genetic Resource Law in Taiwan


The Aspect of Legislation of Genetic Resource Law in Taiwan
Warren H.J. Kuo, Jau-Hwa Chen, Ming-Yan Shieh Kuei-Jung Ni, Chung-Hsi Lee, Song-Wei Lin
genetic resources, The Convention on Biological Diversity, biopiracy, bioprospecting
For centuries, genetic resources had been broadly used in human life, especially
in agriculture and medicine. Recent science use plenty of microbes and ingredients
of plants to produce biochemists; not only a large number of drugs are
invented, but also has brought pharmaceutical industry to a new stage. For this reason,
most enterprises of developed countries invest lots of time and money to survey
in countries which possess rich genetic resources. However, once these surveyors
find special genetic resources, after more or less researches, they usually
hold intellectual properties of these genetic materials to protect their commercial
benefits without sharing with sources of which generates benefits. This is so called
“biopiracy.” In order to avoid biopiracies and to keep substantial use of generic
resources, many countries have started to legislate for protecting genetic resources.
Taiwan is a country with rich genetic resources, but still has no legislation to control
foreigners surveying in our country; and also to keep substantial use of genetic
resources in Taiwan, we need to legislate related law to govern. Hence, this article
is going to probe into necessity to legislate “Genetic Resource Law” and its main
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