Online Shopping Contract and Consumer Protection


Online Shopping Contract and Consumer Protection
Tsu-Zu Liu
Online Shopping/Internet Shopping, Consumer Protection Act, Mail Order Sale, Form Contract, Cooling-off Period, Rights to Rescind the Contract
Today’s advancement in internet implies the change in consumer behavior.
Shopping online has now become a common form for the purchase of goods.
Though internet shopping is convenient with no restriction of time and space, it
also possess hidden risks in comparison with the traditional way of shopping
through solid shops. This article will discuss the uniqueness of online shopping
such as under the circumstance of which face to face trade is not possible, the following
factors should be considered: 1. The uncertainty of trade parties; 2. The
condition of trade object cannot be examined prior to trade; 3. Unable to establish
the time and place of the trade; 4. Are concluded/discharged contracts through
method of electronic transmission equivalent to the actual written contracts? 5. If
statement mistakes in statement and descriptions should occur, are cancellations
possible? 6. The effects of form contract on consumer rights.
Furthermore, current regulations on internet shopping with focus on Consumer
Protection Act along with actual cases in practice will also be discussed in this article
to gain insights to the insufficiencies of relative regulations in response to the
above-mentioned online shopping characteristics and in addition provide comparison and reference with current online shopping regulations in Japan in attempt to
probe into probable solutions to such conditions.
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