On How PRC Telecommunication Act Draft Effect Spectrum Law


On How PRC Telecommunication Act Draft Effect Spectrum Law
Jia-Ying Lyu
PRC Telecommunication Act, Spectrum, Telecommunication Industry, Legal System of  Science and Technology, Regulation on Telecommunication
Without a sole and comprehensive law on PRC Telecommunications, the controversy
about the applicability of the spectrum law is aroused. Currently, the law
considers the rights over a spectrum as rights of thing, and a spectrum is defined as
a state-owned capital through its assignment and allocation. However, a spectrum
has a wide influence. Once the telecommunication act arouses the controversy on
the utilization of former act, would implementation on the spectrum law be worthy
expecting as what we anticipated? The study will elucidate the possible influences
and the impacts on the telecommunication market after PRC passed the telecommunications
act draft. By means of analyzing historical phases in sociology of law,
comparing the differences between the Telecommunication Act Draft and the spectrum
law, and discussing the impacts brought by both of them, the study will include
personal opinions and discussions on PRC’s imminent implementation of the
Telecommunications Act.
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