Empirical Study of Patent Infringement Litigation in Taiwan


Empirical Study of Patent Infringement Litigation in Taiwan
Huang-Chih Sung
patent infringement litigation, empirical study, expert opinion, preliminary injunction relief
Taiwan Fair Trade Law, which came into force in 1992, was enacted in the global
wave of industrial liberalization. This paper reviews key issues in its legislative process
and the development of its enforcement, dividing past ten years into three periods It also
points out the reactions of the authority concerned, Fair Trade Commission, to various
challenges and thereby carrying out its commitments. The authors also examine the roles
of Fair Trade Commission both as a competition advocate and a regulator on unfair
trading behaviors in three separate sectors. In the end, they try to give some further
suggestions to Fair Trade Commission, both on the substantive and organizational aspects,
in hope of more effective enforcement of Fair Trade Law in the future.
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